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HNC-210 ATD is one of HNC high-end products, Which adopts modular design, standard operation panel, and independent installation. HNC-210 ATD integrates interfaces for feeding axes, spindle axes, hand-held units, and built-in PLC. It supports remote I/O extension, adopts electronic disk storage, and provides the function for CF, USB, DNC and Ethernet program extension and exchange. It uses 8.4-inch color TFT display. HNC-210 ATD is generally used for the control in CNC turning machines.

1. Maximum coordinate axis: 3

2. Being compatible with various pulse interface AC servo driving units (Closed loop) and step servo driving units (Open loop)

3. Configured with hand-held unit interfaces, and spindle control and encoder interfaces

4. Using PLC I/O expansion modules based on bus for External PLC I/O (expandable to 512/512 respectively)

5. Adopting 8.4–inch color LCD display (resolution: 640 × 480), and full Chinese operation interface, providing the functions for identifying faults and reporting alarms, and displaying graphical machining paths, which enables users to easily operate the system

6. Adopting international standard G code programming, and being compatible with popular automatic programming systems such as CAD and CAM

7. Providing functions for linear interpolation, circular interpolation, fixed circulation, thread cutting, tool compensation, user macro programming, machining break-point restoration, backlash compensation, and single or bi-directional pitch error compensation

8. Providing built-in RS232 communication interface to achieve data communication between computers and CNC machines

9. Supporting Ethernet functions for rapid program and data transmission

10. Providing 8 MB Flash RAM power off protection storage for programs (expandable to 2 GB by using a CF card)

11. Supporting USB hot plug

12. Providing 64 MB RAM memory buffer for machining programs

13. Providing customized G code function

14. Providing the function for background editing and blueprint programming (Optional)

CNC function

Maximum controllable axes: three feed axes and one spindle axis

Maximum coordinate axes: three

Minimum resolution: 1 μm         

Automatic control of acceleration and deceleration (straight line/ S curve)

Returning to reference point

Setting coordinates

Graphic simulation of machining process and real-time tracking

Simple circular turning           

Compound circular turning       

CNC programming

Minimum programming unit: 0.001 mm

Maximum programming size: 99999.999

Maximum programming lines: 120000     

Metric/imperial programming

Absolute/incremental programming

Macro instruction programming

Calling subroutine

Setting workpiece coordinates

Diameter/radius programming

Automatic control of chamfering (round angle, right angle)

Constant linear velocity (CLV) cutting

Interpolation function

Line interpolation for a maximum of three axes

Circular interpolation                    

Thread cutting

Tool compensation function

Tool length compensation

Tool radius compensation


8.4-inch TFT color display

Anti-static electricity program and machine operation panel

Standard PC keyboard interface

Hand-held units (optional)

Graphic display and dynamic real-time simulation

Network communication (optional)

Feed axis function

Unrestrained axis rotation function

Maximum speed: 21000 mm/min

Feed override: 0% to 150%        

Rapid movement override: 0% to 100%

Various modes of returning to the reference point: single direction and bi-direction

Spindle function

Spindle speed: specified by PLC programming (maximum speed: 32000 rpm)

Spindle speed override: 0% to 150%

Displaying spindle speed and override

Variation ratio and variation ratio level: specified by PLC programming

PCL function

Built-in PLC   

Standard PLC sample

Displaying PLC status



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