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HNC Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement With Qinchuan Machine Company

Date:2011-09-13  Size:【MX】   【M】   【ML】

On the morning of April 27, Wuhan Huazhong Numerical Control CO., LTD and Shanxi Qinchuan Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement  to Work Together On High-end Products. Qinchuan Machine Tool Group Corporation is a production base for high-precision CNC machine tools. HNC is the leading manufacturer of high-end CNC systems. As a result, the sign of the strategic cooperation agreement is of significance. The two sides will jointly develop and produce high-end CNC products.

Zhou Ji, an academician of China National Engineering Research Institute, pointed out that "CNC technology is the core technology of the equipment manufacturing industry and is the key technology in upgrading China's machinery products from manufacturing to creation".

The strategic cooperation agreement between HNC and Qinchuan Machine Tool Group is a significant action to speed up the economic development.

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