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Executive Assistant Dongliang Lin of Taiwan FOXCONN Vistited HNC and the National CNC Center

Date:2011-11-14  Size:【MX】   【M】   【ML】

Accompanied by Haoping Wu, Dongliang Lin, Executive Assistant of Taiwan FOXCONN, vistited HNC and the national CNC center on November 1, 2011.

Executive Assistant Dongliang Lin visited the national CNC center at first. President Jihong Chen of HNC and Vice director Xiaoqi Tang of National CNC Center introduced their superiority in technology and talents, and the cooperative mode (study-research-production mode ) of HNC and the national CNC center that speeds up the transformation of scientific research achievements. Then Mr. Lin visited HNC's exhibition hall, product test center and SMT product line, and President Chen introduced that HNC's CNC systems had been widely applied in the industry. Mr. Lin hopes that HNC and FOXCONN can learn from each other and have more opportunities for cooperation in the future.

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